1st Smart city of INDIA


INFRATECH-Investment Opportunity at Dholera SIR 1st Smart city of INDIA

BEING A BRAINCHILD OF PM NARENDRA MODI, Dholera SIR has been conceptualized as the first smart city of India, a city located in the dynamic state of Gujarat; it is all set to define how modern India shall look like in times to come. This project is a very ambitious and dream project of both central government and Gujarat government. A lot of development has to happen in Dholera to make it as a Smart City. Like, construction of a new International Airport, Metro train, DMIC, Power Hub project etc. It is going to be a very planned city in each and every manner.

The central government has sanctioned a massive Rs. 3,000 CR. fund to develop one of its kind smart city – Dholera SIR. Various builders AND INVESTORS from pan India and across are on the lookout to invest in this area to reap major benefits. These privately owned land is being used to build manufacturing and residential plots in Dholera SIR. Dholera SIR region is forecasted to be one of the most appreciated manufacturing and industrial hub which will attract foreign investments. Inspired by Japan and South Korea, the industrial and residential plots in Dholera SIR have already started peaking everyone’s interest because of the commercially viable model which is supported by world class infrastructure.

Dholera SIR location
"The Development Plan, taking into account the DMIC objectives and goals, should focus towards creating and enabling environment to protect local industries, enhance investment climate, improve quality of life, upgrade human skils, create world class infrastucture and attract global investment".

Project goals are to double the employment potential, triple industrial output and quadruple exports from the region in next five years. Dholera SIR is one of India’s pioneering smartest planned city projects. This enormous project with ample potentials has created a stir in the majority of smart property investors who are willing to be a part of it. Buying in a property like Dholera Smart City, is bound to be the wisest and most profitable investment option available.

Even purchasing a plot here with the purpose of building your dream house or office is also a great option. It is hard to overlook the myriad advantages that can one can enjoy by simply being a part of this project.

Dholera SIR is spread across 920 sqm with access to metro railway lines, BRTS, airport as well as Sea connectivity. The work has already resumed developing the vicinity of about 22.5 kms. The smart city is supposed to be 6 times the size of Shanghai, therefore, yielding great results when the plots are successfully utilized.


First, let us take a quick look at the overview of DHOLERA SMART CITY project. The specifications are listed out for your convenience below

  •  It is a Greenfield location – it is also recognized as Greenfield port.
  •  The total coverage area of it is 800 sq. km.
  •  The developed area is spread in 500 sq. km
  •  Area for economic activity is 360 sq. km.
  •  World class infrastructure with inside and outside connectivity is available
  •  It is connected with mega-cities through metro rail and expressway.
  •  Seaport and airport facilities can be found in the neighborhood.
  •  GIFT (Gujarat International Finance TechCity) is nearby.


It is very important that the city should be well connected to outer areas for convenient traveling. Hence proper concern has been given on the connectivity factor as well of dholera city in Gujarat

  •  The national highway 8 works to connect dholera SIR with Bhavnagar, Mumbai, and Ahmadabad. The dholera is having good connectivity with national highway 8 on its own.
  •  In order to get this city more convenient and assessable, an airport is also going to be established.
  •  The complete site of the port would be connected to Ahmadabad –Bhavnagar highway with the road at the distance of 11 km.
  •  Proper rail connection is also planned for dholera city with the addition of nearby meter gauge.

INFRATECH presents ,you the dream project at AFFORDABLE PRICE TAG in Dholera SIR WHICH brings the best investment opportunity for every MUMBAIKAR. due easy connectivity to all major cities – Surat, Ahmedabad and Vadodara – these residential plots are bound to be sold soon. The project was launched under the Delhi-Mumbai International corridor project in the upcoming metro city of Dholera. The project has been acquired for four smart cities & connecting them to the 1500 km long corridor. Bliss homes bring you to the best residential plots by Dholera SIR in the future metro city of Gujarat, giving you a chance to build your dream mansion amidst the beauty of nature.

The residential plots are well equipped with the best of all the luxurious amenities that will match up to your lifestyle and facilitate your needs along with providing you with the best of securities.Apart from the luxurious amenities, the project also provides you with a location advantage as the Dholera SIR connects the major cities of Gujarat such as Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat&Dholera. Thriving upon the opportunity to build a home, Dholera SIR gives you one to invest in your plots. So let “Infratech” by Dholera SIR have your hearts by investing in a plots for you amidst nature where everyone just dreams to have one, because “Infratech is where the Heart is..!!”


There are several highlights and opportunities served by DHOLERA SMART CITY. which makes it lucrative. Here is a quick glance of it

  •  It is one of the self-governed economic regions which also enjoy the complete support of government and potential for the participation of private sector.
  •  It would be linked to Ahmadabad city with the help of metro system
  •  The international airport and seaport can be found nearby.
  •  PCPIR (Petro-Chemicals and Petroleum Inv. Region) is close.
  •  Townships and industrial parks would be a part of it.
  •  This place carries the potential of developing multi-modal transportation hub as per fact – a short distance from all Northern Indian states.
  •  World class transportation service for the foreign market can be established.


  •  To build the industrial parks, townships, knowledge cities.
  •  In building its infrastructure: road, rail, hospital, water, sanitation, tourism, and hospitality.
  •  Set up the metro rail system & international airport.
  •  Potential for development as a multi-modal transportation hub due to lesser distance to all the northern Indian States.
  •  Build world class transport service foreign markets.
Dholera SIR Dholera SIR Dholera SIR Dholera SIR Dholera SIR